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Saturday 26 my first BBQ

Woo hoo went to my first BBQ today! OK I didn’t get to eat anything cooked on the grill and the only bottle of drink i got was milk, but still, i am a stage closer! Met lots of new people while i was there too, before taking a ride back home.

When I got home I thought i would test out my lungs to make sure i can reach the required volume for future tantrums! It turns out I had a bit of bbq belly ache (without even eating anything). Typical dad had stayed back for an extra drink or three so he missed my impressive display! (I guess there is always tomorrow)

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Friday 25 Health visitor

Today my health visitor came round to see, another round of poking and prodding. Turns out I’m still doing well and I’ve even managed to put a little weight on “go team me”.  She measured me head and height while she was there and we are all on schedule.

My original midwife finally got round to see me too, which was nice. Although for the first time since we met I didn’t get to play hide and seek. She had a quick look at me then went on to poke and prod mummy (ha about time somebody else had a turn). Apparently she is going clubbing with her daughter at the weekend to bust out some mum dancing. Which is something we all would love to see hehe

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Thursday 24

Oh the sun has got his hat on (and I am not reffering to my good self) today, although I am not about to complain about the weather. I do have to say it all got a little bit to much, mummy and daddy keept me topped up with water and put the fans on full blast!! Once I got stripped off and cooled down all was well again

Have to say thanks to the heat today felt like a pretty long day, but I made up for it by putting away a good 6hrs of sleep

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Wednesday 23 They see me rolling

Went out for my first roll in my new wheels, got to say the ride was pretty smooth even though daddy was a first time driver. We walked over to the shopping center and got some bits in the shop. I can’t decide which smelled better the Indian or the chippy! I guess I can’t really tell until I have tried them for myself?

Looking forward for taking it out for another spin with the top down

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Tuesday 22 the boob lady

So the boob lady came round today and gave mummy lots of handy info, she even helped open the buffet up for a nice warm meal. Although the moment was kinda lost when the midwife who turned up at the same time decided to stab me in the heel while I was mid munch!

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Monday 21st new midwife

Midwife came today to visit me, a big lovely Scottish lady who poked prodded and gave me the thumbs up. I dunno what the facination with my weight is all about, so I just “Smiled until they finished”. Turns out I’m doing ok (I could of told them that) but nobody listens to me YET!

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Sunday 20th Big family meal

Today my aunties and cousins all come round for a big dinner, oh and lavish me with even more pressies and tons of attention. Think I have finally found my appetite, maybe it was smell of Grandma’s roast cooking? I dunno know but there is no turning back now! “Chug chug chug” think I am going to sleep well tonight…


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Saturday 19th Finally Home

Finally I’m home!! I don’t think mummy thought we were ever going to leave that place. What can I say? I just wasn’t that hungry? (not sure you will hear me say that to often) plus it wasn’t like I was the one having to eat the soggy hospital food. We won’t talk about the struggle dad had strapping the car seat in, to be honest I just shut my eyes and let him get on with it. If it wasn’t for the tip from some random woman with 9 grand kids gave him, I think we could have been stuck in the carpark for another 9 months. (remember plug it in, then wrap the belt!not vice versa)

OMG if I knew there was going to be this much love and attention available on tap I would have come out sooner!! I still can’t believe how quickly people where round with cards and presents, I felt like  a celebrity with full paparazzi snapping every smile. (didn’t have the heart to say it was only wind).

Still waiting for the three wise men to arrive though, I guess Dave, Sam and err Jay? must be the modern day version? Although not sure Jay was that wise offering to change my nappy hahaha thanks all the same.

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Friday 18th My First Day

My first night was spent on the ward with mummy, I guess i could have thought of better places to have had my first night sleep. But having a dozen nurses at my beck and call isn’t such a bad thing right? I wouldn’t say I had a great night sleep, mainly because people where pressing buzzers, babies where crying and people where generally milling about all night. But what i can i say i was pretty tired.

Daddy, came back to the hospital the moment he was allowed to be back in, hoping to take me home later that morning. But I convinced them to let me stay the day here so I play with all the nurses and soak up so more attention! 9months is a long time on your own in there, i figured i have some making up to do! It really did feel like a long day, so when the Mr and Mrs Fixit turned up it made a welcome change. Was so nice to meet the people who will know doubt be in my life forever. Later on the family came in too, although Grandad seemed to take for ever to arrive! I guess luck wasn’t on his side that night, when he took 3hrs to do a 1hr journey!

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Thursday 17th I have arrived!

Hello everyone, my name is Finley C and I arrived here at 11:32pm on Thursday 17th May 2012. I will be honest I didn’t really want to leave my comfy inner sanctum but I guess I had to check out what was going on out here eventually? But not until I finished my game of playing hide and seek with the lovely midwifes at Basildon hospital.